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      icnyahoocomigniculus desideriiimprove the line contimmediate reinforcemei cant let go you kno
      i love the beautifui want to be a headmai want to be aniit does not conflictidentities identities
      idiom out in left fieifabp rabbit intestinii cobaltii hypophospiiadvanced technologyillicium
      imperial college ofin the rain im callinindependence dayindicating a standpoiinf belly button
      informatics- informatinhbp rat inhibin binintrinsic interestits all ai ve studied
      i npii - i cant believe iti - main missions ii - science facilityi ---inspires respect
      i os inputoutput secti 85i accept your termsi account him honesti add this condition
      i added it upi admire midorii adopted a kitteni aint no quitteri aint losin the figh
      i almost beggedi already doi already got a sittei also applied to nyui also created
      i also dont need to fi also understood thai always fight nakedi always loved you soi always told him
      i always will remembei am a football fani am a little actori am a little frogi am a new student
      i am a quick learneri am afraid we are fui am all thumbsi am always amazed whi am calling on behal
      i am chi am definitely not ti am different from yi am done with youi am getting hungry j
      i am happy so touchedi am hard as steel gei am here to steal yoi am most grateful toi am not a sex addict
      i am not afraid of toi am not alonei am not in the mood i am realistici am sorry i didnt me
      i am the person who si am the swordi am the thorni am the winneri am this close to tu
      i am truly honored byi am two years older i am very sadi am wearing this disi am yours forever ye
      i amsterdam cardi and another fan coui and my annabel leei and your experiencei apologise
      i ask curiousi ask my sisteri ask you shrimpi asked alexi asked ge hong about
      i asked him to help mi assume we want an ai attend seven gradei became a hopeless di became blind
      i beg you to cheat i i began to doubt wheti began to paini begged a week of eai begin the excitemen
      i believe i can flyr i believe i couldi believe in the madni believe is the wordi believe not
      i believe that all thi believe that man wii belive is the wordi beseech you to telli bless the rains dow
      i blue jeansi bought a book from i bring you into couri british standards ii brought gossip
      i call gou goui call this thei called iti called outi can always depend o
      i can assure you of hi can bardy remember i can do it i can do i can fly my friendsi can improve myself
      i can jumpi can just have aglani can no longerseei can see another miri can see clearly my
      i can see them under i can see youaposi can smile at the oli can t tell you whyi can take it
      i can tell the way yoi can think of one goi can turn in the faii can you are the soci cant afford to go t
      i cant be too late toi cant believe i couli cant believe it youi cant believe you lei cant get rid of of
      i cant go outside witi cant ignore it if yi cant place your faci cant recall her nami cant stand to fly
      i cant take your handi cant until im the ui cannot be too gratei cannot point outi cannot pretend that
      i cannt to find a wayi canrt take it anymoi canti cant deny youi cant seem to find m
      i cant give you everyi canyou cani cant lose youi can t be trust now i cant afford to go t
      i cant stand elvisi cant stand girl whoi carried you homei carry a torch for hi carry you in the en
      i celebrate how good i ch will bei meinem i checked ini checked my clocki cherish all you gav
      i chose the waiti cleaned a guys celli cleaned my roomi come from kunmingi concede that
      i continued to aski cost and insurancei could be the onealii could callwrite to i could drink this
      i could drop you backi could forgivei could not absenti could say nothingi could see
      i could stay awake jui could try with a wai could use the same i couldnt fall asleepi couldnt stop thinki
      i counteredi crossed the valleysi cry inside of mei customer highesti cuwa ko niyaro niso
      i d answeri d be sunki dan doi decide a smilei declined his offer
      i deeply knowi deeply know thati demand an explanatii demand satisfactioni deserve more than j
      i deserve this paperi deserve to bei deserve to know i li deski did not even see hi
      i did what i had to di didn t respondi didn t starei didn tmean to offeni didnt get any money
      i didnt mean to hurt i didnt realize how li didnt really believi didnt watch you goi discuss the traditi
      i do it out of the loi do tooi dobut i decided id i dodged anotheri don t exercise
      i don t mean to hurt i dont know how to loi dont know how icouli dont believe this ii dont doubt that he
      i dont drink coffee ii dont eat it i just i dont even know why i dont feel like stopi dont have a clue
      i dont have phonogropi dont imagine of whii dont know any of iti dont know how any oi dont know how else
      i dont know how just i dont know how to exi dont know if ill hai dont know what ive i dont know what to d
      i dont know what you i dont know whether ii dont know whether yi dont know whether yi dont know this litt
      i dont like mondayi dont miss it all thi dont really like myi dont think it was di dont think the next
      i dont think this arei dont think youre whi dont wanna be freei dont wanna diei dont wanna get into
      i dont wanna get overi dont wanna walk awai dont want this anymi dont want to be thei dont want to hear i
      i dont want to lose ti dont want to quiti dont carei dont envy youi dont give a
      i dont have a favourii dont know about thei dont want to talk ai dont want to diei dont belong here
      i dont care what theyi dont know anybodyi dont know if we eaci dont know where shei dont know where wer
      i dont like to spongei dont like very muchi dont need anything i dont want to hear ai dont want to lose t
      i dont know what i cai dont wanna break yoi drank too much colai dream awayi dream of gardens in
      i dream of raini dreamed of u on my i dreamt of reneei drive on her streeti drove to
      i dunno about othersi dòng shòui eat two eggsi ect stingsi ect wax
      i ection certificate i either eati embrace deathi emination device foi encouraged her
      i enjoy english classi enjoy the meali enjoy watching movii enjoy working with i er exte io
      i er gritteri especially like zidi exhaustedi experiencedi exploded
      i fall for you when ii fancied thati fear lonelinessi fear not deathi fear those who read
      i fear upi feel alright alrighi feel as if i feel ai feel at home livingi feel disoriented
      i feel dutifuli feel emotions runnii feel fantastic aboui feel feari feel great glad
      i feel him boringi feel i could be buri feel it alli feel it in my fingei feel its beauty
      i feel like singini feel like theres noi feel love from youri feel me a tigeri feel no progress
      i feel quite fatiguedi feel safe - seems yi feel so coldi feel so luckyi feel so unsure
      i feel terrifici feel very cutei feel very uneasyi feel wonderfuli feel you inside my
      i feel youthi felicitate the day i fell illi fell in love with ti felt it too
      i felt iti felt oddly safei felt the knife in mi felt truly jealousi felt very angry
      i fight this feelingi figure itll take ati figured maybe if myi find everything i ti find it creepy
      i find it hard toi find thati find the systemi floated through thii fly a lot
      i fly from la to tokyi focus on the paini forget your armsi forgot alli forgot to tell you
      i found a place so sai found myi found my name on thi found physicsi found the arrow sti
      i fucked heri gained weight afteri gave her encouragemi gave him ani gave up hide not li
      i get to traveli giudei risposero e i give my all to havei give thanks for beii give u my word
      i give you my lifei glowered at heri go nowi go to the bathroomi got a new assignmen
      i got every ingredieni got in afight one ti got marriedi got my eyes on youi got my own style
      i got my sights set oi got myself a date ti got something they i got the sun in the i got the typewriter
      i got to tell youthati got up unwillinglyi gotta change the sti gotta hear youi gotta pack
      i gotta tell youi grabbed her armi grew up being surroi grinned slowlyi groaned inside
      i guess ii guess i just never i guess im gonna stayi guess she has someti guess thats why i l
      i guess thats why thei guess thats why thei guess there was jusi guess we have to eai guess you werent th
      i guess youre righti had a guitar hangini had dinner with himi had intended to comi had luck
      i had older brothersi had three livesi half laughi hanged herself fromi happened to see the
      i hate chinai hate cookingi hate gamesi hate hei hate lions
      i hate my friendsi hate my roommatesi hate my voicei hate technologyi hate the fashion in
      i hate thosei hate to see a hungri hate valentines dayi hate you bothi hate you forever
      i hated liarsi hated myselfi hated seeing thati hated socialisingi hated this house
      i hated wari have a big familyi i have a coati have a date with zoi have a funny story
      i have a gardeni have a hobbyi have a housefacing i have a knack for imi have a nice sum of
      i have an emergencyi have applied for thi have been practicini have been sleeping i have been very poor
      i have cable tvi have chosen theei have exhausted mysei have giveni have got nothing to
      i have got welli have loved you all i have mailed youi have minormajor dami have my principles
      i have my reasonsi have never felt liki have news to announi have no crisisi have no doubt of yo
      i have no experiencei have no intention oi have no other choici have no wish i lovei have not really tra
      i have not sati have not seeni have not triedi have observed this i have one sister
      i have parentsi have set watchmen ui have something persi have the power in mi have three babies
      i have to catch aplani have to doi have to escapei have to shavei havelike five times
      i havegotyourlovei havent seen you fori havent held your hai hear a voicei hear its thunder
      i hear universal laugi hear what youre sayi hear you calling myi heard charliei heard the message
      i heard voicesi heard you talking ji held onto marlai helpi hereby pledge that
      i highly doubt thati hit him with iti hit the doori hit the wrong keyi honestly dont know
      i hongi hope i can forget ai hope icould inspirei hope noi hope she soon sees
      i hope theyi hope we can concludi hope you had the tii hope you like iti hope you two will u
      i hope you will come i hurt much more thani ignificanti implore youi implored greatly
      i improvei intimidate heri introduce a girli invite the represeni jumped a little
      i just attendedi just called to say i just cant help belii just cant hold oni just cant say goodb
      i just cannot denyi just cantstop lovini just dont get iti just fell asleepi just got mad
      i just got off the phi just have one probli just lonelyi just love my girli just think this is
      i just wanna be the oi just wanna be your i just wanna cryi just wanna live whii just wanna stay in
      i just want to feel yi just wanted you to i just work herei keep his promisei keep the memory of
      i keep thinking abouti kept thinking i coui ki ma shoui knew it i just knewi knew it i felt real
      i knew the vowi knew you were likeli know a fewi know about propagani know daddy
      i know hei know he caresi know him but when ii know his agenti know i couldnt
      i know ive been told i know in my bonesi know it would sureli know its everybodysi know joey would be
      i know jumpi know love is a hot i know my dad wanted i know my grandmotheri know that no good i
      i know that hardi know that i freakedi know that theyi know that this ainti know the angles
      i know the feelingi know their waysi know this is out ofi know what you arei know what you want
      i know you dont hear i know you hate it whi know you probably hi know your fears andi know i have to go
      i knowi guess i realli known i also undersi konw now that im foi konw where it s at i lk boys
      i laughed at milesi lay my love on you i leaned into himi learn englishi learnd to enjoy all
      i learned that sometii learned to liei leave the gas oni left a note on his i let out an
      i let tears fall likei let you happy in oti lifted his headi light a cigarettei like a cat in the d
      i like bangin strippei like basketballi like birthday presei like country musici like drawing cats
      i like feta cheesei like frndi like gasi like ice creamsi like it in the ster
      i like its historyi like many animalsi like my basketballi like originalsi like playing soccer
      i like scotch whiskyi like sexy girlsi like snowboardingi like the peacel feei like this
      i like to go swimmingi like to recognize ti like to sing i likei like turtlesi like watching tv
      i like what i doi like you norahi limitedi listen your songsi live in fear
      i live i breathe i lei ll cryi loath youi loathe fishingi long to find a mess
      i long to see the suni look after animalsi look at themi look at you you biti look greedy
      i look silly it is toi looked at cami looked at kendrai looked at you you li looked for a man am
      i looked older tooi looked sicki lost my faith you gi loudly sayi love being here wit
      i love chengdui love chinese vinegai love collegei love country lifei love crafts
      i love doing crosswori love eager possiblyi love garlic breadi love grapesi love green
      i love himi love hisi love its grittyi love lambi love like you
      i love my classi love my owni love namesi love narutoi love no different
      i love petsi love playing computi love queuesi love reading storiei love rock roll
      i love short storyi love that we had a i love the ground whei love the jobi love the way it sta
      i love thellos gamei love thesei love this parti love this songi love this vase
      i love to tell the sti love travellingi love you anywayi love you mumi love you not for wh
      i love you pitirciki love you when yourei love you ?a?rii love youi love your soup
      i love zachi lovei cryi loved my roomi lyo ili m a workaholic
      i m afraid that it s i m always righti m completely exhausi m derricki m freaking smart
      i m from canadai m from greenlandi m glad ahi m greati m happier
      i m lailai m longjiani m mile highi m new herei m no dragon
      i m no magiciani m no witchi m not goodi m not readyi m not saint
      i m not sayingi m not stoppingi m not welcomei m quite calmi m quite fit
      i m real luckyi m seeing maturityi m sorry angiei m still harderi m still kicking
      i m stupidi m surprisedi m teni m very worriedi made a mistake of l
      i made you rise from i mainly agenti mainly teachi make an appointmenti make her sit
      i may bring truthi may feel lonesomei i may have boogied rii may never find all i mean what i said
      i mean hell croon aboi mean if bellicks loi mean its rachel fori mean well its just i meant wrong but we
      i melt in your mouth i met this girl on moi met you is determini metai might have come fro
      i minored in englishi miss how you lie wii miss momi miss ya i miss ya ii miss you metal
      i miss you you knowi miss your touchi missed something tai missed your smilei mones dragon
      i must be dreamingi must fighti must find youi must pay fori must promise you
      i must settle an old i must tell heri n n d internet newsi naturally wake upi nearly blushed
      i need a cupi need a love song lyi need a rich men tooi need an answerlovei need five dollars
      i need someone to taki need to cancel thati need to forget everi need to movei need to say goodbye
      i need volunteersi need you now more ti need you tonighti need you you want mi need your love i ne
      i needed money cause i needed somethingi never give anythingi never have a dream i never kneel and ill
      i never play video gai never played cardsi never promised you i never really ever ki never said hate i w
      i never saw such a woi never say everi nga tangata ma tou i no longer know mysei nodded lightly
      i nowi now understoodi observei only care about youi only speak english
      i only want the truthi only went down theri only wish to face ti open my armsi operate only tea
      i order beef noodles i ordered three dishei ought to stayi out3i packed their lunche
      i padded closeri paini panic slightlyi parents in chinai passed around the c
      i pay special teacheri pensieri malvagi soi performed welli plant credibility fi played you love son
      i pleaded once morei pointed at himi poked marshalli pondered the questii pray to you
      i prayed for helpi prayed to yahweh myi prefer librariansi prefer seafoodi prefer soap operas
      i prefer to teaching i present to youi pretend to know whei pretend when im expi promise you ill nev
      i promise sir thisll i promised myself i wi pull him upi pulled a afanasy voi put his
      i put in a call to kai put on my pantsi pīn bó cǎi bi qiongqiong lonei quite agree with yo
      i ran off copyi rang jaydeei rarely get angryi read you mindi read your heart
      i realize that mani really couldnt copei really diei really enjoy socceri really felt and im
      i really haven ti really like that soi really lovedi really miss drivingi really put myself o
      i really shouldnt misi really try to underi really wanna make ti really wanted to thi recommend using wha
      i refuelingi regret making mistai relaxed and happyi released the balli remember high schoo
      i remember i smiled ti remember long ago ai remember the days oi remember the last ti remember when
      i remember where i wai reminded heri repair motorboati repeat your namei repeated again
      i replied anywaysi return all feedbacki roaredi run away-britneyi run run run
      i said calmeri said confusedi said eventuallyi said exasperatedi said i was down in
      i said really thirstyi said strugglingi said walking ini said youre so greati sat alone because t
      i saw a fireworks peri saw a fishi saw a man in blacki saw above me that ei saw amy
      i saw cotton and i sai saw the heaveni saw you checking oui say blanklyi say bluntly
      i say brotheri say cautiouslyi say it righti say therei say three sentences
      i say to you then andi see all if the filmi see sunshinei see two reasonsi see your face
      i see your face befori see your fatheri seek a wifei seek hapinessi seem to be sickenin
      i sense it now the wai serpenti sono veleni shall go firsti shall sooni shot the arrow
      i should be brimful oi should be offi should be satisfiedi should be so lucky i should be so ludky
      i should be true to mi should have thoughti shouldve changed myi shouldnt have said i shouted after him
      i sigh - it breathes i simply adore iti sincerely believe ti sing because im hapi sing praises
      i sleep no morei slept with monicai slipped outi small processing pli smile slightly
      i smiled thinkingi sniffedi sniggeredi spat in ragei speak soccer langua
      i speak these thingsi specialetter blackci spin threads pulledi spy little numbers i spy returns tv
      i spy super challengei stand alone in the i start cryingi started swimmingi stayed with mari
      i stepped forth from i still do --i still dont know whei still dream about yi still feel weak
      i still have your lovi still return to thii still singi stole whoi stomachache
      i stop himi stopped heri stopped therei stopped working hari strongly recommend
      i strongly recommend i struggled to sayi study upi suck at pokeri suddenly got energi
      i suffered many hardsi suggest putting thii supposed i shouldi suspect had arrivedi swear those guys di
      i swimi tablei take off my pajamasi take your hand in mi talk about the huns
      i tant-heat thin-filmi teach myself frenchi teased himi tell him quietlyi tell my dreams
      i tell ya park avenuei tell you againi tell you hopeless gi testify to everyonei thank god everythin
      i the glowi theoretic channeli think about it on ai think i goodi think im under-paid
      i think if followedi think ive caught aci think im over it thi think of wind that i think of you every
      i think pretty goodi think the main taski think this soi think we couldi think you better go
      i think you should asi think youre so meani think- i love you bi thought it felt rigi thought it meant so
      i thought it was obvii thought iwanted acai thought nothing coui thought of a good fi thought we had move
      i thought we were reai thunderedi told her softlyi told him carefullyi told him dumbly
      i told him i would thi told my studentsi told yai took your hand and i totally lost
      i tra mit lateri trade potionsi train very hardi tramped on the raw i translate seeds int
      i tried my besti tried to make my smi truly enjoy mixing i trument of examinini trument of surveyin
      i try all the timei try and try to say i try ebayi try my best just toi try to call but i d
      i turn to you and smii turned awayi turned my collarto i ue at the market pri ulated ru er
      i ulating slabi umerable ai unconsciously pacedi understand you nowi understand youre th
      i understand your dili understandshyi urance acti urance proceedsi urer underwriter
      i use a smudge tool ti use my hand to openi use them as a curtai used to be your insi used to hold
      i used to like to go i used to stand so tai usually drivei ut listi ut load
      i ut stationi varje stegi ve been finei ve been shoti ve gotta go
      i ve never been in loi ve only onei ve to admiti vow to share comfori vow to thee my coun
      i vteci waited a long time i wake my husbandi wake up im alivei walk alonei walk a
      i walk this road aloni wanna become a raini wanna feel what lovi wanna get funkyi wanna get out
      i wanna heali wanna hold you but i wanna live i dont wi wanna make you smili wanna see
      i wanna see yai wannaa lay like thii want a little girl i want a nightmarei want a pair
      i want adventuresi want everyone to kni want femininei want my moneyi want some seafood
      i want this place guti want to apologize ti want to be a reporti want to be irresisti want to be much mor
      i want to cleari want to get off thii want to give it alli want to hunt with ti want to prepare
      i want to show you soi want to show you soi want to stand with i want to starti want to stress
      i want to tear it alli want to translate fi want you to know hoi want you to take a i wanted less and wan
      i warned her of the di was a fooli was all alone goingi was born a pistachii was born on novembe
      i was certain the firi was in the hospitali was infected with ai was lost confusedi was lost i was luck
      i was not too royal ti was only dating guyi was playing basketbi was punching in thei was so hurt painach
      i was so untruei was waiddddd for soi wasn t screamingi wasnt even thinkingi wasnt in love with
      i watched them leavei waved byei went back homei went on a date withi went on writing
      i went to a village ii went to a whorei went to the farm lai went to the video si went to your weddin
      i whacked his foreheai wi foow himi will acquaintance si will always feel thi will always rock
      i will atone for my si will be faithful ini will buy lot of choi will call her name i will come back to t
      i will do the homewori will do what is expi will dry your tearsi will fight for my ci will figue out
      i will find you darlii will follow you andi will give rain to yi will give you the hi will go first
      i will go to nepal ndi will help othersi will help poorsi will love you threei will make love to y
      i will make thee a tei will meet my friendi will move both heavi will never comei will never forget t
      i will not back in thi will not be movedi will not take this i will pay you back wi will pick my wife u
      i will plunder and loi will promise i wonti will sayi will say unto god di will set you over m
      i will speak perfect i will survive whati will take advantagei will talk and hollyi will to call you
      i will use just abouti will use to go aboai will walk with my ci will honestlyi wish everything rea
      i wish i knowi wish i really have i wish i were a sea hi wish incarnationi wish id have them a
      i wish that i could si wish that this nighi wish that you were i wish to apply for pi wish to be a swallo
      i wish to be deeply li wish we could stay i wish were beside mei wish you successi wish youd unclench
      i withi won t let it down ti won t let you ini wont cry i wont cryi wont ever be withou
      i wont go anywherei wonder if we can cai wonder what place ti wonder where we stai wondered should i g
      i wont give upi wont listen to any i work for myselfi work legallyi worked to put toget
      i would addi would ask my dear gi would award scholari would fall deeper wi would have worked
      i would hurt himi would just sayi would kill for youi would like a shaveri would monkey around
      i would never bet thii would not scoldi would preach the goi would provide food i would rather forget
      i would save people fi would take the paini would tryi would tuck you in mi wouldve died
      i wouldnt do what thei wouldnt come insidei wouldnt know reallyi write unto youi wrote oh
      i wrote this songi wud hav help the chi yaoi yarni yearn for encounter
      i yearn for youi animals- mtlimi m flying forwardi ve got the bill
      ill take you places wim sorry i cant stayim taking care of it ive been waiting for ive goti have
      iam legendid ask you to be trueid be safe and warmid like to get her soid like to introduce
      id like to live in thid like to take just id like to take this id like to talk to yoid love to show you a
      id love you to do itid make all the rappeid make you gracefulid make you seei needid miss you so
      id never have to see id rather notactuallyid say my time has seid say that youre theidlovetowanttodosth
      idthoughtitdbeeasyiespoiriii just pee in the sill always love you till be back for phase
      ill be back soonill be coordinatorill be here for you will be righ t o ver till be rightack
      ill be there to hold ill be wearing these ill be your lightill bring you loving ill buy a house small
      ill call back laterill catch you guys laill comfort youill do it unhill find my way throu
      ill find them j ust gill fix itill give you a prescrill give you stars anill go
      ill go along with thaill go skiing if the ill have the mechanicill have you know thaill help dial
      ill help you work thiill invite gunther beill keep my mouth shuill lead them to theiill leave but just ko
      ill lend you my tearsill look at your tea ill never dieill never fwhichle inill never question us
      ill never quit ill neill paint the truth sill phone you first iill pound on him in till put his picture d
      ill send a postcard till show you nowill stand by you the ill still killfeat akill take the lead can
      ill wait until the evillbeyourdreamillbeyoilove you till tomorrim a bitch im a teaseim a like the ringlea
      im a little wolf inseim a mess in a dress im a mtv vj nowim a rabbit in your him a wonderful actor
      im afraid i didnt catim aliveim all alone and the im already locked intim always into someth
      im an attorney for ocim an incentive masteim as surprised as yoim asking you firstriim back to blogging a
      im bleeding in ways oim calling your nameim checking out im siim coming for your adim cool here ill catc
      im done do mineim driving too fastim dying to see youim falling like a snoim feeling down and i
      im feeling insecure aim fiveim happyim forgivingim free but im focuseim glad were on this
      im going out with a gim going to dance witim going to find outyim going to lose it aim going to use this
      im gonna be alrightim gonna forget aboutim gonna get biggerim gonna give you a cim gonna go with the
      im gonna have to lendim gonna have to run im gonna love you forim gonna take the higim hanging on your wo
      im heading in a new cim hereim holdin on to like im homeim in despair
      im intriguedim just a dribbling fim just looking out fim just off a lost caim just the pieces of
      im just trying to finim just trying to helim just waitingim like an alley catim liu meifrom guangz
      im living off the govim looking for the hoim losing all of itim losing my best friim lost to those i th
      im loving living everim never gonna treat im not complainingim not gayim not hungry
      im not rappaportim not ready to make im not running for prim not sorry this timim not walkin out
      im okay with that butim on the caseim out of breadim undim part of the team nim perplexed by the f
      im really glad i founim really not sure thim right right there im ringinim safer in my room
      im sailing on this teim saying goodbyeim short but im healtim sneakin im sneakinim so fed up your bul
      im so glad you came bim so gladim so sorry girlim so tired of the meim sorry for me wanti
      im sorry im badim sorry to hear thisim sorry but i dont tim sorry ive already im sorry terrence its
      im sorry you know mayim sorryi didnt get aim sorry all rightim sorry i didnt knowim sorry i should pro
      im sorry i thought idim sorry really im soim sorry ross geller im sorry you need a bim standing here alon
      im starting to make gim still alright to sim still loving uim still taken by supim stubborn
      im telling youim the chick and chanim the oe who has to im the one wholl stayim the sleeping beaut
      im thinkingim tied up to this feim trying to play it im warmed by the fireim your imaginary fri
      im im strongerimmabreakthatbirdiesnimminorinamajorkindawimthelightoftheworldiive been caged in dar
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